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Audenge and Arcachon Bay

Audenge get the best of the Bay
French and foreigners have heard of Arcachon bay but do they really know this place? Arcachon Bay is a lagoon, “laca d’Arcaishon” in Gascony dialect, part of the Landes of Gascony Natural Regional Park, located in Gironde. Arcachon in the south, Cap Ferret in the west, and the Leyre Delta on the East define the borders of the Bay.
Our bay is quite known for its unusual tidal cycle. When the tide is low, the empty bay shows its beautiful natural view where the time seems to have stopped. Only the south of Arcachon and the north of cap ferret are the exception to this phenomenon. Indeed, the tide is always high and slowly invade all the bay.
This phenomenon has made our reputation, the locals are proud to witness and protect this natural event part of our identity.
The twelve municipalities are united by a common lifestyle inspired by the beauty of our environment.
The rich natural environment is easily accessible by the cycling trails, linking the forest and the beach in less time you can imagine. Morning spent at Mesples, and sunsets on the Pilat will be yours.
Touristic or confidentials, discover the typical harbors of our Bay, and let yourself get tempted by a sea trip and oysters tasting, our local treasure.
Half way between Cap Ferret and Pyla sur Mer, our village offers a quick access to touristic places of our Bay, Audenge is the place of every possibility.
In Arcachon Bay every town works united to offer you the holidays you deserve. We praise you to have a look at our partners:
The website of Arcachon Bay :
Office de Tourisme Coeur du Bassin :